Job Shop Exchange® is pleased to announce the extension of our Free Trial Period through November 1st 2015 (11/1/2015)

With all the success and steady growth we’ve been experiencing, we would like to continue concentrating our efforts on growth, and not revenue. Our user base is the most valuable asset we have, and our success is directly correlated with yours. Thank you for continued use of the platform, and thank you for joining us on this journey. We promise to remain committed to helping all businesses—big or small—gain access to new business all across North America.

Job Shop Exchange® Buyer O'Neill Components LLC Success Story

Concerned about compromising your Intellectual Property while you’re sourcing for Suppliers? Are you requesting quotes on a job that is just too complex for most job shops? How do you strike the right balance between cost-effectiveness and value? Read this Case Study to see what the Job Shop Exchange Team did to execute on all of our clients strategic goals!

Job Shop Exchange® Welcomes You Into 2015!

We at Job Shop Exchange® would like to wish everyone a successful and prosperous 2015!

Since our launch 2 months ago, we have experienced tremendous growth. 2015 is going to be an exciting year for us and we hope you join us on our journey!

In just 2 months, we already have:

120 active members using Job Shop Exchange®.

Quotes being awarded for both small jobs and ones as large as 20,000 units.

High production RFQ quantities, supplier quoting, and buyer awarding, all taking place through our secure platform.

Buyers using our convenient online Non-Disclosure Agreement feature for their RFQs.

RFQs ranging from single part to multi-part assemblies.

2015 will be a big year for us, here’s some of what we have in store:

We will be launching our new comprehensive sourcing product that will expand opportunities for our members using Job Shop Exchange®.

Continuing to work with buyers to post their future RFQs to our platform.

Continuing to work with suppliers to complete their user profiles to benefit our buyers.

Please visit to find new RFQs. We will continue to keep our customers up-to-date as we expand into the future.

Job Shop Exchange® Key Differentiators

What sets us apart from the competition?

Job Shop Exchange® Continues Expansion

We have had an amazing response to Job Shop Exchange® in our first few weeks. Our membership has grown significantly resulting in the ability for Buyers to further develop their sourcing networks or for Suppliers to earn new business.

Job Shop Exchange® current RFQ's cover a range of commodities and capabilities including sheet metal, drilling, honing, and precision turning. Published RFQ's are attracting suppliers nationally ensuring that Buyer needs are effectively matched to Supplier capabilities. These same Suppliers and Buyers are actively using our advanced collaboration features in current RFQ's to accelerate the RFQ to award process.

Don't miss out on the chance to be a part of our active RFQ's. Registering for Job Shop Exchange® will allow you to explore these opportunities and review comprehensive company profiles to determine the right fit for your business.

Take advantage of our limited time free subscription and in a few simple steps you can also be part of our exchange!