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We know our community’s value will continue to increase as we grow our membership base of Buyers and Suppliers. With growth in mind, Job Shop Exchange® is offering a zero obligation, Free Trial to all members. Click on the “Join Now” link to take advantage of this offer. Users will have full access to all the features Job Shop Exchange® has to offer before even having to enter any payment information! (Available through 11/01/15)

After Free Trial Period has Expired

At the conclusion of the Free Trial Period, Job Shop Exchange® will be available through an affordable and flexible subscription-based model. The Job Shop Exchange® Team will be communicating with our members throughout the entire transition period so there will be no surprises. At the end of the free trial, members will have the choice of either opting for one of the subscription packages and continue conducting business on the site, or continue as members with limited access. Please see below for more details.

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Membership & Subscriptions

  • Subscription is for a Buyer or Supplier Company. No additional fees for the number of users.
  • We charge a very low subscription fee to the Buyer Company to make sure we have serious buyers on the exchange who are going to award the business.
  • With flexible Month to Month subscription, you can cancel at any time. Affordable Yearly subscription comes with a discount and is non-refundable.
  • You can sign up for both Buyer and Supplier Company membership and just pay Supplier Company subscription fee.

Job Shop Exchange® Key Differentiators

  • Job Shop Exchange® is comprised of an experienced technology development and sourcing team. The combined experience of our team includes 6 technology patents and billions of dollars in direct materials spend. We have listened over the years to what customers are looking for and we have developed the most robust solution available to date. This is a team that understands the marketplace as well as how to deliver it in an affordable and easy-to-use format.

  • Job Shop Exchange® is not re-purposed technology or a solution patched together from acquired platforms. Our technology has been built from the ground up based on what we have learned from our experience with direct materials buyers and suppliers. Because we have built our solution from the ground up, we are able to seamlessly incorporate the latest technology. This means our solution is compatible with any device, and it is also built with our target market in mind. We also realize we cannot separate technology from customer service. We believe in providing personal touch so that if any of our members have questions, we are available to address any general or technology-related topics.

  • Accessibility not only refers to our technology uptime but also to our user base. Other solutions require large investments that exclude smaller suppliers that are developing their business. Sourcing Simple, Inc. is a small company too and we understand the pains of growing a business. We will continue to develop our own organization organically so that we do not have the same constraints of businesses that need to answer to investors. Because of this, we will be able to keep our membership costs affordable and transparent. There is no need to “contact us” for pricing details because we publish our subscription fees on our website so there is no guesswork. Our affordable model allows Buyers and Suppliers of any size to collaborate on opportunities. If members are not satisfied with the marketplace, they are able to cancel at any time. We believe in the value of our solution so we do not require long-term contractual commitments. Making a solution accessible to all types of buyers and suppliers means more opportunities to help companies develop new business partnerships.

  • Job Shop Exchange® is only for suppliers in North America and we are committed to maintaining this distinctive market for our buyers and suppliers. Based on our experience, we have found that some offshore suppliers may quote low prices to get their foot in the door. However, the total cost becomes apparent after the fact through quality issues, high transportation and import costs, or lack of adherence to risk and safety standards. We want our marketplace to be an environment where total costs are known up front and suppliers are participating on an even playing field.

  • Job Shop Exchange® is just one of the products that we will offer in the market. In Second Quarter of 2015, we will be introducing a comprehensive sourcing tool that will be licensed to global 1000 organizations. Suppliers that participate in the Job Shop Exchange® marketplace will have access to self-register for opportunities that are part of this expanded solution. In addition, buyers that license this technology will be able to view Job Shop Exchange® supplier profiles and issue invitations for their specific opportunities. The ability to offer expanded opportunities for our members is unique to Job Shop Exchange®.

Our mission is to provide a comprehensive, yet easy-to-use and affordable Contract Manufacturing Exchange that fosters collaboration and partnerships between Buyers and North American Job Shops.